A Look Back

A Century of Hospitality

Hospitality has a great tradition in our house. A bit over 90 years ago the historic building became the home of the 'Gasthof zur Mainruecke' (Main bridge restaurant) and was acquired by the Behringer family in 1928. Nikolaus Behringer bought the estate from the Duell brewery, whose beer we still serve today.

“Watch out that the whole thing doesn't collapse!”

Arthur Behringer, former senior of the family died suddenly in 1985 at the age of 54 and left the Hotel – by now in a bad state of repair – to his young successors. The officials made a complete renovation a condition for the renewal of the Hotel and Restaurant business concession. When the building was completely renovated in 1987/88 from the roof to the cellars the talk of the town knew mainly one theme: “Watch out that the whole thing doesn't collapse” - this was when the builders removed almost the whole core of the building leaving only the outer walls intact. The danger of complete collapse could be averted and we made the maintenance and preservation of the historic buildings "Hotel and Restaurant Behringer" as well as "Wine and Beergarden Hinterhoefle" our lifelong task – the lively gastronomy has helped a great deal.